This is how medicine should be!!! Amazing

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This Dr. is the picture of health. She explains to you why you’re feeling fat, frumpy, frazzled, and fatigued and prescribes actual tests to

Sara P.

Sara P

check your biomarker levels, hormones, and genetic predispositions.

She then offers real nutritional supplements, hormone replacements, and appropriate medicine. Not treating just symptoms but looking at the core reasons- down to blockages in the methylation pathways hindering the conversions needed to build up feel good neurotransmitters leading to depression and anxiety.

So grateful these services are available! 1 in 4 women are on anti-depressants and many need to be addressing their hormones and toxins not their neurotransmitter levels.

I can’t rave enough. If you know something is off, are exhausted, moody, have extreme PMS, can’t lose weight, suspect your stress has shot your cortisol levels to chronic and dangerous highs, or have a thyroid issue- she is a must see.

She does all of the regular doctor stuff but looks at angles traditional medicine doesn’t have time for or insurance won’t pay for because stuffing a symptom-treating pill at you is more cost effective for them.

If you want to feel good again, have great sex again, enjoy awesome energy, and get your sanity back– she is a must see.

I run a wellness practice found at www.gethealthysexyhappy. I seek out the top experts in these disciplines to answer questions ailing us all. Steph and her close knit tribe of MD healers are the best I’ve found. Her mentor is famous Dr. Sara Gottfried whose book The Hormone Cure you’ve probably already picked up.

– Sara P.

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