Male Vitality Program

Welcome to the Male Vitality Program, where you can be supported to become the MVP of your life!

  • Not as much energy as you used to have?
  • Feeling like you are using coffee or alcohol to keep you going and get you to sleep?
  • Issues thinking clearly, or just noticing less stamina than in years past?

The Male Vitality Program is here to address mood imbalances, fatigue, digestive issues, insomnia, brain fog or low libido that have you feeling less than your most vital self. Get your edge back, increase productivity, performance and happiness with the MVP.

We’ll start with a full assessment of you, including a medical history, lifestyle assessment, your health goals and hormone and micronutrient blood testing, genetic and stress assessment in the saliva and digestive and immune function with stool testing and then will recommend a personalized protocol to optimize your vitality.

With our findings, we’ll customize a personalized plan that will dial in your nutrition, fitness, stress management and optimization of your hormones, brain chemistry, immune and digestive systems. 

This program is $1125 and includes 3 appointments total as follows:

1 intake appointment lasting up to 60 minutes

1 follow-up appointment lasting up to 60 minutes

1 follow-up appointment lasting up to 30 minutes

2 hours of nutrition and health coaching by our functionally trained nutritionist/health coach

Initial labs tend to be covered by insurance and thus represent a minimal additional cost to you.  Follow-up testing uses the DUTCH hormone test, which is $150-$250 depending on which option we choose.

Bio-identical hormones are a separate charge from the pharmacy.

Additional follow-ups as needed up to 30 min. are $225

All patients receiving hormone replacement therapy are REQUIRED to have lab testing and follow-up at least twice yearly to maintain your prescriptions

Early Program Termination