Functional Medicine SF is a membership based, personalized medicine practice. We use your history, your story and your data to create the most complete picture of your health. With this information, we can provide a personalized plan for you to follow to optimal wellness.

“Give your body the building blocks it needs. Remove the barriers; your body will heal itself”

We seek to empower you with the best of evidence-based functional medicine.

We want to identify what is unique about you and provide the guidance and tools to live your most vital life.


5 Amazing Paleo Meals For The Family

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Long before medical school even started, I knew I was meant to be a physician. After attending college at the University of Virginia, with additional graduate studies in Healthcare Ethics at Rush University in Chicago, a corporate career had me studying medical science and evolutionary biology as part of my job.

This led to a curiosity about the natural state of all things, including people, health and the way in which we live in this world. With that knowledge and authorship on articles about evolutionary medicine, I wrote a book about food and stress still available on Amazon: Low-Stress Food: Eat Your Way to a Low-Stress Life.

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