How It Works

Once you register in our patient portal, you will go on to complete a extensive health history and symptom questionnaire.
When those are complete and you are fully registered including demographic and billing information, our staff will help set up your first appointment to get you started.

Prior to your appointment, our team will review your intake information to determine which of our 2 programs will be best suited for your needs. We find that the vast majority of patients who come to us require a complex case review process in order to get better, which is our Advanced Program. However, if you are in the minority of patients who are well, but have a focused problem or are healthy, but just looking to optimize, then you may not need our more in-depth program and can instead, be part of our Essentials Program.

The Advanced Disease Reversal Program

Fee:  $5795,  your first appointment gets applied to the program for a balance of $5200.

This may be paid all at once or divided into 6 monthly payments of $895 each.

We expect this program to last 6 months.  If you complete the program within the time frame set forth, and in no more than 8 months (unless agreed on otherwise) from your second appointment, as a reward for keeping with the commitment to yourself, we will bonus you with a $500 gift card redeemable at one of the following vendors:

  •, our preferred supplement vendor
  • Good Eggs, grocery delivery
  • Thrive Market
  • Ann Marie Gianni Skincare

We know that momentum and commitment to this process is what yields the best results, which in many cases is nothing short of remarkable. We’re committed to you as long as you show up for yourself and are here to offer guidance, education and support to achieve as much health as is available to you.

Essentials Program

Applying appointment 1 to the total leaves a balance of $2850 payable in one sum prior to lab ordering.
To inquire about financing option, click here. (6 payments of $497)

Transformational wellness isn’t just about addressing imbalances on the physiological or biochemical level. It’s also about supporting you in your healing so you can thrive and prosper in all areas of your life.


Do you have what it takes to transform?

If you believe you are ready and you are ready to commit to yourself, if so please apply.