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Brittany Forman

Functional Nutritionist and Lifestyle Practitioner

will work with you to uncover food triggers that are causing you digestive distress, foggy thinking, itchy skin or fatigue. The right nutrition plan for your unique system is the foundation of health and at the root of the work we do at Functional Medicine SF. A disruption in the micro-biome is one of the key aspects at the root of many gastrointestinal problems, autoimmune diseases and mood disorders. Eating processed foods, refined sugar, taking antibiotics or antacids all play a role in wiping out our protective micro-biome, the complex ecosystem of trillions of tiny gut bacteria.

Brittany is highly trained in functional nutrition, and her work with each patient is harmonious with Dr. Daniel and Dr. Cole. Brittany looks at each patient holistically and puts a direct lens on epigenetics– diet, lifestyle and environment. Based on your specific health challenges or diagnoses, Brittany will make recommendations to help you optimize your health. Below are some things you can expect while working with Brittany.

$90 per hour

  • Nutrition Plans. Brittany will analyze your nutrition plan to ensure you’re getting the optimal amount of micro and macro nutrients on a daily basis to reduce inflammation and balance blood sugar. She will help you identify food sensitivities. Examples of nutritional recommendations may include an elimination diet, the removal of specific histamine foods, FODMAPS diet, ketogenic diet, etc.
  • Implementation of Nutrition Plan. Brittany will provide details on how to approach nutrition changes— providing foods to remove/include, recipes and food delivery services. She will get to know you and your challenges so you can effectively introduce and maintain lasting changes. In certain cases, fine tuning is all that is needed form a nutrition perspective; while these changes can be simple, the results are an important piece for your success.
  • Protocol Support. Brittany is highly trained in Dr. Daniel’s supplementation protocols and works with each patients throughout their time within our practice. She will help you break down protocols and implement them into your lifestyle. She is available to answer any questions you have about the supplements you are taking.
  • Lifestyle recommendations. Brittany looks at each patient holistically and considers all aspects that may be impacting your health and daily decisions. This can include the incorporation of exercise, stress coping mechanisms, home adjustments/testing.

Throughout your work with Functional Medicine SF, Brittany is available to meet with you on a monthly basis. Your first appointment with Brittany 45 minutes and checkins thereafter are 30 minutes on a monthly basis. If more support is needed, more frequent visits are available to you.

Our functional nutrition program will help you quell inflammation through eating delicious and nourishing foods that allow the micro-biome to restore it’s balance and heal your digestive lining.