Diagnostic DIscovery

Available to a very limited number of patients is our Diagnostic Discovery Program.  This program is reserved for patients who have a mystery illness that has yet to be diagnosed or a challenging diagnosed condition that has not achieved sufficient resolution with treatments thus far offered or cases in which treatments available are for symptom management only. If you’ve been to many doctors or alternative practitioners looking for answers to your symptoms, but have been unable to find a meaningful diagnosis or treatment plan that has worked, this may be the right option for you.  

Consider this program if you feel like no one can figure it out, you are losing hope that anything can be done or the treatment options available to you thus far have not been adequate.  This program is designed to include advanced specialty labs, above and beyond common functional medicine testing, rigorous research efforts when necessary to further analyze your case, access to case conferences with colleague from Bay Area Functional Medicine and referrals as needed to domain experts when appropriate. 

While Dr. Daniel has specialized skills to identify the root cause and formulate personalized plans that get people better, there are no guarantees for expected outcomes.  Our application process, however, ensures that she is selecting patients she has confidence in being able to help resolve or with whom she foresees being able to make a significant impact.

Please note that this program is not a typical fee-for-service medical model – rather, it is a transformational program designed to create wellness and not to simply give you a prescription for a single symptom. Dr. Daniel will spend several additional hours pondering and formulating your case beyond the face-to-face time as she looks obsessively at your labs and your timeline and the intricacies of your case, so the value of the process is not simply based on the time spent in an appointment.