Mima Geere MD

Dr. Mima Geere specializes in personalized nutrition and the use of food in health and wellness. Through the use of ancient healing methods in Ayurveda and the modern applications of functional medicine, her practice combines the best of modern science with natural approaches to various conditions including weight management, pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, stress maladaptation, and fatigue. She uses DNA, Gut Microbiome and Biomarker data to create personalized diet and lifestyle programs for individual needs.

Dr. Geere believes in a high-touch, high-tech approach to wellness. Through high-touch healing mind-body experiences combined with the power of quantifying the human experience through data-driven healthcare, Dr. Geere is passionate about accelerating the growth and discovery of effective alternative approaches to health and wellness using technology and diagnostics.

Dr. Geere trained at UCSF in Clinical Pathology and Informatics and has held positions as medical and product director of JumpstartMD and Genova Diagnostics. She is now a staff physician at The Chopra Center and on faculty at IFM. She has a background and training in nutrition science, diagnostic testing and technology product management and has founded and led a tech startup ResultCare, a clinical decision support app for diagnostic testing. She has led product roles at various startups and corporations. She is the founder of Mimansa, an online clinic that provides products and services for conscious eating and lifestyle.