Nutritionist Approved Snacks for On-the-Run

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Nutritionist Approved Snacks for On-the-Run It’s not easy to find snacks that DON’T contain refined sugars and DO contain whole ingredients. Below are my go-to snacks– all of which contain less than 6 organic ingredients– for when you’re on the run.  Choco Chunk Coconut Crisps – These dehydrated coconut chips have healthy fat and fiber to keep you satiated in between meetings …

Parsley-Kalamata Hummus

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I like making a couple sauces or dips in the beginning of the week so I have something to give my quickly prepared meals some umpf! This week I made a parsley-kalamata flavored hummus. I just used what I had available in my fridge from the farmer’s market the week before. Today I’ll mix this into a big green salad …

Controversy of food impact on eczema: some evidence from the research

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Lately, I’ve frequently found myself digging into a myriad of medical references published in peer-reviewed journals and available on PubMed looking for the evidence of assertions we know to be true in functional medicine.  Spurred by what seems to be a challenge by conventional peers (physicians not practicing from a functional medicine framework), my goal is to collect and present …

Doctor Approved Whole Foods Cleanse Starts April 27th

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In a world where the cleansing fad seems to be everywhere, Adina Niemerow is a true believer that food is medicine. Her studies in Asian traditions and modern nutrition, at the Heartwood Institute with the renowned leader in plant based nutrition, Paul Pitchford, deepened her passion for earth medicine. She completed her culinary education at the Natural Gourmet Institute in …

My favorite dinner service — Munchery. Try it today!

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From now until April 3oth you can get $20 worth of credit if you try out Munchery. Just use the link below for fresh, chef-made, often organic ingredients meal for dinner tonight. They deliver straight to your door and have a myriad of yummy choices to delight foodie sensibilities. Think you can’t have fresh, clean food? Check them out:

Recipe Swap for Special Diets by Nutritionist and Health Coach, Dawn Preisendorf

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From our beloved nutritionist and health coach: Are you on a special diet and want to share recipes and strategies for easily implementing a modified eating plan into your life (for food sensitivities, gut healing, blood sugar balance, reduced inflammation, etc.)? Please join us this Wednesday. We’ll also share yummy food! Integrating a new style of eating can be challenging, …