Case Review

We try to encourage patients to use one of our programs, as we’ve found that the results we are known for getting requires participation through a process of optimal healing, which takes on average, at least 4 visits.

However, if you are unsure about joining one of our programs or would like a functional medicine perspective to be outlined for your condition, you can elect our Case Review option, which will provide a full intake, review of past records, ordering of new tests and synthesis of a comprehensive plan completed over 2 appointments.


Thereafter, if you opt to continue with us, you may do so at our hourly rate or bundle of 3 additional appointments.

(FMSF Policies: 2016 updated pricing page)

*Lab work is done in net-work whenever possible so it can be covered by insurance, though some specialized functional medicine testing is not eligible for insurance coverage and represents additional cost.

If you are needing a payment plan, please consider our Functional Medicine Foundation program.