Becoming a Patient

Steps to become a new patient

Hello and welcome,(need a write up)

  1.  Please read and Familiarize yourself with all Functional Medicine SF Patient Policies and Procedures.
  2. Electronically sign the Acknowledgement of FMSF Policies (This will take you to our Patient Portal EMR )
  3. Create a Patient Profile (Click here for help)
  4. Fill out all Patient Profile information:
    1. My Account Details
      • Basic Contact Information
      • Your Photo
      • Insurance Information
    2. Invoices & Payment
      • Add/Edit Credit/Debit Card
    3. Forms & Questionnaires
      • Health Journey Questionnaire
      • Food Survey Questionnaire
      • Metabolic Assessment Questionnaire
    4. Labs & Documents
      • Upload All Prior Labs (within last 6 months)
    5. My Medications
      • Current Medications
    6. My Pharmacies
      • My Current Pharmacy Preferences
  5. Sign our Membership Agreement
  6. After all information is completely filled out, Please contact our office at or 510-848-8585 to schedule your 90 minute New Patient Appointment